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Why do we need to recycle Artificial Grass?

• Recycling artificial grass reduces its environmental impact, preventing tons of non-biodegradable waste from ending up in landfills.

• Recycling conserves valuable resources, such as plastics and rubber, promoting responsible resource management.

• By recycling, we reduce the need for energy-intensive production processes, contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigation.

• Embracing recycling supports the development of a circular economy, where materials are reused and repurposed, reducing the strain on natural resources.

• Encourage sustainable landscaping practices by recycling artificial grass, promoting greener and eco-friendly outdoor spaces.

• Recycling artificial grass helps combat the problem of illegal fly tipping, ensuring that this waste is properly managed and disposed of.

Helping to protect the environment
Recycling Plastic for Betterment of Others
Safeguarding now and for Generations to come

Sports Only:

Site Survey and Set-Up: Our team offers comprehensive site surveys, ensuring a well-planned and safe recycling process. We prioritize health and safety with site assessments.

Cutting and Rolling: For sports installations, we expertly cut and roll artificial grass to the correct size for recycling, optimizing material utilization.

Transportation: We handle transportation with care, loading rolls onto our dedicated transport, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of materials.

What we do:

Convenient Delivery: We simplify recycling with direct site delivery of a pallet and ton bag, equipped with a strap for hassle-free handling.

Efficient Collection: Leave the logistics to us; our team arranges smooth pallet and waste artificial grass collections, ensuring your recycling process is seamless and worry-free.

Drop Off Option: In Nottingham, we offer eco-conscious waste drop-off options with discounted rates, reducing operating emissions and supporting sustainability.

Sustainable Recycling: Our recycling facility in Nottingham specializes in processing waste artificial grass, guaranteeing environmentally responsible material handling.

Repurposing for Sustainability: Through our recycling efforts, discarded artificial grass finds new life as valuable items like benches and chairs, contributing to a greener, more eco-friendly future.

Environmental Responsibility: Opt for our recycling scheme to actively reduce landfill waste, promote material reuse, and champion environmental protection.

Price Guide

Zone 1: £175 +VAT

Zone 2: £195 +VAT

Zone 3: £215 +VAT

We deliver a collection bag for you to fill, let us know once it's ready to collect and we recycle your waste!

Drop Off

Drop Off: £95 + VAT

We deliver a collection bag for you to fill, once it's ready, drop off your waste at our Nottingham facility for us to recycle.

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