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With over 15 years in the UK’s artificial grass industry, we’ve witnessed its rapid growth. Projections indicate that by 2027, the industry will reach sales of about 20 million sqm annually.

This amazing product improves aesthetically and technologically every year, and I look forward to another 15 years in this field. However, it is crucial that we prevent artificial grass from going to landfill to safeguard our environment for future generations.

Let’s Recycle Artificial Grass offer a national network of artificial grass disposal specialists who can dispose of your old or unwanted artificial grass safely and responsibly.

Who we are:

At our new facility, we’ve developed an eco-friendly solution to tackle the growing issue of artificial grass waste. Our mission is clear: to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability in the landscaping and sports industry.

Our innovative recycling process transforms discarded artificial grass material into a wide range of practical and durable items. These include park benches, flower boxes, stadium seating, and edging boards, all designed to extend the lifespan of this valuable resource by over 25 years.

Getting involved is straightforward. We provide bulk bags to collect used artificial grass from your projects. You can either schedule a convenient pick-up service, or if it suits you better, drop off the materials at our East Midlands recycling plant.

By choosing to work with us, you become part of a significant movement. We are the first sports and landscape artificial grass recycling company in the UK. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while benefiting your business.

Join us in redefining the future of artificial grass by embracing sustainable practices and demonstrating your commitment to a greener, cleaner, and more responsible landscaping and sports industry.

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